Council of Resident Advisors (CORA)


  • Bushes cannot be higher than the windowsills on the front and back of the unit, or no higher than five (5) feet at the corners.
  • Bushes on the sides of end units are to be no higher than the roof line and must be trimmed at all times.
  • No trees within the 3 ft. area.
  • No wind chimes from the soffits, gutters or leaders.
  • Ornamental decorations (which include flags, wind chimes, or figurines) are limited to eight (8).
  • Potted plants must contain flowers and cannot be hanging from the soffits, gutters or leaders.
  • Furniture within the three (3) foot area is limited to a bistro set or two Adirondack chairs or a bench.
  • No trellises will be allowed.
  • Only river rocks will be allowed within your three (3) foot area.
  • No footlockers of any kind, including storage units.
  • Nothing decorative can be hung or nailed to the siding or brick façade of the building.
  • Pavers may be placed in the three (3) foot area in the front of your unit, but may not be permanently affixed to the ground and/or exceed the front of your unit -Permit required

  • No climbing vegetation on any part of the building.




  • All outside facing doors on the front and back of your unit must be white.
  • Permanent in the ground Flag poles are only allowed in the rear of the unit and cannot exceed twenty-five (25) feet in height.
  • When replacing windows, other than the bay window, all other windows must be white and of the tilt in variety including grids – Permit required

  • Satellite Dishes – Permit required – They can only be mounted on the eaves of the building, not on the roof.

  • No patios may be placed in the front of the>
  • Residents must pick up after their dog and any visitor’s dog and dispose of the waste appropriately (Not in our lakes)

  • Barbeque grills are only allowed in the back of your unit and must be placed five feet away from the building.
  • Kerosene, wood or coal heating stoves and any similar heating devices (fire pits and chimineas) and the fuel for their use are prohibited on LVE property.

Updated 8/27/18